Nokia ready to work with BSNL to bring 5G in India

In a report, Sanjay Malik, head of India market at Nokia said, "thoughts behind these MoUs would be to introduce 5G here, and what are the steps required for the same, besides identifying applications to define the target segment, which will lead to a complete 5G strategy for telcos."

"After 4G, the future is 5G and IoT, which is useful in the concept such as smart cities... The MoU will help BSNL to draw a framework for transition from the current network to futuristic 5G network," BSNL Chairman Anupam Shrivastava earlier had told PTI.

This new venture by Nokia, and BSNL will form a base for 5G operations in India but might reach the general public only by 2019-2020.

The Digital India scheme and Internet of Things (IoT) are touted as the driving force behind this new development.

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