1) JAO to AO CPC: GS discussed with CS Karnataka regarding withdrawal  of court case at Bangalore filed by Sh. Ganeshan JAO with seven others who has taken stay order on promotion till JAO Seniority list is finalized as per DoP&T instructions since JAO recruitment in 2013 will be covered in this JAO to AO CPC.
Com. CS KTK & CP KTK discussed Sh. Ganeshan & others for withdrawal of case. The applicants have agreed to withdraw the case & today they will file an application in Hon'ble Court for withdrawal of case. This will pave the way for conduction of this CPC from JAO to AO. We are thankful to the applicants agreed to our request.

2) GS requested Director (HR) and GM(Pers.)  regarding to direct Pers. and SEA cell to consider SDE/AO to DE/CAO promotion orders also before CPSU Cadre Hierarchy notification otherwise they all will be stagnating in Sr. SDE and Sr.AO Cadres in a functional cadre now created. GS also requested to fill up all vacant SDEs/AOs equivalent post before CPSU Cadre Hierarchy notification. GM(Pers.) assured to discuss the matter with Director(HR) today and will also direct the concerned for conducting above cited CPCs.

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