Misleading reporting by SNEA on CPSU Cadre hierarchy:-

SNEA on its CHQ website has put some misleading information regarding their negotiation with Management on CPSU Cadre hierarchy.

The fact remains that in the earlier updates of SNEA in its CHQ Website it never mentioned about its stand on CPSU Cadre hierarchy and discussions held with PGM (Pers.). SNEA always mentioned that CPSU Cadre hierarchy is being implemented with the efforts of them. The fact remains that PGM (Pers.) had several rounds of meeting with SNEA before preparing the draft proposal of CPSU hierarchy which he presented to CMD BSNL in the presence of Director (HR) after the consent given by SNEA wherein PGM (Pers.) pleaded non-post based time bound promotions up to SDE/AO level only and post based promotions DE/CAO onwards.

This was not agreed by CMD BSNL and Director (HR) and they directed PGM (Pers.) to modify the proposal to provide non-post based time bound promotions up to DE/CAO grade and post based promotions from DGM and onwards grade.This fact was confirmed by PGM (Pers.) and Director (HR) to AIBSNLEA in the recent informal meetings.

AIBSNLEA stand was always to implement CPSU Cadre hierarchy as per the Khan Committee recommendation only. Now seeing the developments and the stand taken by CMD BSNL and Director (HR) on CPSU cadre hierarchy, SNEA is changing its stand. However, it is good that good sins has prevailed to them.

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