Meeting with PGM (Pers) BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi (13/07/2017):

GS, President, AGS (Finance) met PGM (Pers) and discussed regarding:-

1. CPCs to fill-up the vacant JTOs/ SDEs/ DEs/DGMs/AOs/ CAOs/DGM (F)/SDEs (C/E)/EEs (C/E), SDE/DE/DGM of telecom factories etc.: We expressed our serious concern against non-filling of the vacant SDE/DE/DGMs equivalent posts in all the disciplines of BSNL. PGM (Pers) appreciated our concern and mentioned that Pers. Cell is making its all-out efforts to conduct CPCs to fill-up all vacant posts of SDE/ DE/DGM equivalent posts in all the disciplines. Already SLPs have been filled in the Hon’ble Supreme Court against the judgments of Hon’ble CAT/ High Court Chandigarh on SC/ST roster implementation case. Now after taking the legal opinion of a senior Advocate and as per the decision taken in the meeting of cadre controlling authorities of all the disciplines, the minutes of the meeting were sent to the competent authority for approval but the competent authority has directed to discuss the matter in person. Hence, shortly the matter will be discussed and thereafter filing of an affidavit in the Hon’ble Supreme Court  and with the approval of the Management Committee of BSNL Board the process of CPCs will be initiated to fill up all the vacant Group “B” and Group “A” equivalent posts in BSNL. He assured an early action in this regard. He further informed that in the pending court case in Hon’ble High Court Kerala on JTO to SDE promotionsan application is filed for early hearing to vacate the stay order wherein the applicant are also inclined to get the stay order vacated and to get expedite the CPC. He assured an early action in this regard.

JTO to SDE (T) LDCE quota: PGM (Pers) mentioned that as soon as the SC/ST roaster implementation issue is resolved, the promotion orders from JTO to SDE(T) LDCE qualified executives will be issued wherein, stay from Hon’ble High Court Kerala is also required to be vacated but the modification of SDE RR will not affect much as promotion order can be issued subject to modifications of SDE RR. He assured an early action in this regard.

CAO to DGM (Finance): We requested to give clearance to SEA cell for filling up of vacant 66 DGM (Finance) posts. PGM (Pers) confirmed that file is available with him and shortly will clear the same.

DE to DGM (Engg) left out cases: PGM (Pers) assured to expedite CPC of the left out DE to DGM (Engg) and assured to examine the vacant DGM posts arises on account of refusal of DGM promotions.

2. Additional increment provision under BSNL Executive Promotion Policy (EPP): We expressed our serious resentment against the arbitrary and unjust order of DOT where the EPP approved by BSNL Board and DOT and notified on 18.01.2017 after 10 years is being reviewed by DOT and the additional increment on post based promotion is withdrawn which has caused huge recoveries and heavy pay reduction. We requested to take up the matter with DOT to withdraw the said order immediately otherwise it will cause unrest in BSNL. PGM appreciated our concern and assured to discuss the matter with Director (HR) and CMD BSNL to take up the matter in DOT.

3. Consideration of some request transfer cases of SDEs/ DEs and DGMs: We requested for consideration of some pending request transfer cases of SDEs/DEs/DGMs. PGM (Pers) assured to look into the matter.

4. CPSU Cadre hierarchy implementation: PGM (Pers) mentioned that a draft on CPSU cadre hierarchy proposal has been prepared by Pers. Cell and being presented to Director (HR) and CMD BSNL shortly thereafter the discussions on this will be conducted with all executive Associations.

5. Looking after arrangement order in other disciplines of BSNL also as the order already issued for Telecom Engg. Stream: We requested to issue similar order of Telecom stream to all other disciplines for look after arrangement. PGM (Pers) assured to look into the matter.

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